Safari in Namibia – Explore the Sands of Sossusvlei and the Wetlands of Kunene

safari in namibia

From the sand dunes of Sossusvlei to the rocky wilderness of the Damaraland, Namibia’s otherworldly landscapes and desert-adapted wildlife offer a safari like no other on the continent. It’s no wonder that this vast and arid country was the first to write conservation into its constitution, protecting over 40% of its land. From the waterholes of Etosha National Park to the wetlands of the Caprivi Strip and the savannah and woodlands of Kunene, discover the unique charm of this incredibly diverse destination on an epic fly-in safari that includes time at some of the country’s best luxury lodges.

From safari in namibia , you’ll drive southwest through the scenic Khomas Hochland highlands and down the Great Escarpment into the vast Namib Desert. With the towering red Sossusvlei dunes and centuries-old Sesriem Canyon as backdrops, you’ll spend two nights exploring Namibia’s stunning sandscapes with your guide, whether on foot or in vehicle.

“Spotlight on Namibia: The Rich Wildlife and Ecosystems

In April, the parks and reserves begin to dry up a bit, improving wildlife sightings at game drives and on walking safaris. It’s also a lovely time to visit the spectacular dunes of Sossusvlei, with their otherworldly hues that change with the light and the sky.

The highlight of any safari in namibia is the country’s iconic Etosha National Park, a vast savannah and woodland reserve that’s home to four of the Big Five and is named for its huge salt pan, whose flat white surface shimmers in the sunlight. The surrounding savannah and mopane woodland are also home to plenty of animals, including springbok and zebra.

Rent a Car in Dubai Monthly


Whether you’re staying in Dubai for work or a long vacation, uae monthly car rental is an economical and convenient option. This service allows you to explore iconic Dubai destinations such as the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina at your own pace, without the hassle of using public transportation. Plus, you can go on extended trips to other emirates within the UAE, provided you inform the rental agency beforehand of your destination.

Plan Ahead with Monthly Car Rentals in Dubai

Car rental agencies offer a wide range of vehicles for rent, from sedans and crossovers to sports cars and luxury cars. Make sure to compare prices and features to find the best deal for your specific needs. Also, check the car rental terms and conditions carefully to avoid hidden fees and penalties. For instance, a security deposit may be required in addition to the rental cost.

The best part about renting a car is that you can save money by eliminating the need for car loans and maintenance costs. Plus, you can easily switch to a different car for a monthly rental without the stress of worrying about its resale value.

If you’re looking for an affordable car rental in Dubai, choose a trusted and established company. A reputable and experienced rental company will provide you with exceptional customer services to ensure that your rental experience is a smooth one. You should avoid renting a car from companies known for over-billing for traffic fines or withholding security deposits. Moreover, choose a car rental company that offers complimentary pick-up and drop-off service to maximize convenience.

Buying Electric Cars Used For Sale

Electric cars used for sale generate power entirely from the battery, meaning they don’t need a conventional engine bay and require significantly less maintenance. They also use a single motor to drive the wheels instead of multiple gears and can be front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive depending on the model. That means they can be much faster, more refined, and fun to drive than gas-powered cars.

Despite the recent inventory declines due to the semiconductor shortage, there are still lots of options for those interested in buying an electric car. Generally, the best value is found with the more expensive models, such as Tesla’s Model 3, which offers family-sized space and up to 358 miles of range.

Exploring Options: Electric Cars Used for Sale

Another important consideration when looking for an EV is the condition of the battery. EV batteries can degrade over time, and the amount of degradation varies based on how an EV is driven and how many charging cycles it goes through. Fortunately, most EVs come with an initial battery warranty that lasts eight years or 100,000 miles and typically is transferable to the next owner.

And if you’re in the market to buy an EV, make sure you’re aware of any federal or state tax credits that might apply. Currently, a buyer can claim up to $4,000 in credit at the point of sale with an approved dealer. New Yorkers should check the NYS Drive Clean Rebate to see what they can qualify for.

Professionals in Scent Experience & Scent Marketing

Professionals in Scent Experience & Scent Marketing

The sense of smell connects directly with the limbic system of the brain, which is responsible for emotions and memories. By leveraging this powerful connection, scent marketing can help businesses create a lasting impression on customers and influence their buying decisions. It’s important to choose the right scent and scent delivery system to ensure your business gets the most out of this strategy. This is where a professional perfumer can come in. URL

Scenting can be used to reinforce brand identity, enhance product perception, or simply to improve customer experience. Pleasant and simple scents that aren’t overpowering can be incorporated into the environment using reed diffusers, candles, sprays, mists, soap, or even essential oil burners. Depending on the desired result, scenting can be used year round or evoked seasonally for more specific events or holidays.

The Art and Science of Scent: Insights from Industry Professionals

For example, Subway uses the smell of fresh baked bread to entice customers and give their stores an inviting and appetizing atmosphere. This helps to differentiate their stores and builds a loyal customer base.

Scent can be used in conjunction with other marketing techniques, including visual branding, music selection and ambiance design, to create a more holistic and engaging experience for your customers. This is especially helpful for new customers who might not be familiar with your business or products. When customers associate your business with a particular pleasant scent, they will be more likely to come back in the future or recommend you to their friends.

Authentic Confederate Flags For Sale

Few symbols in American history stir stronger passions than the battle flag of the Confederate States of America, a symbol of honor and independence for some; to others, hatred and slavery. In this deeply readable and thoroughly researched book, historian John Coski examines the flag’s conflicting meanings—from abolition to neo-Nazism, from Civil War icon to NASCAR kitsch—and shows how reactions to it reveal fault lines in our culture from Appomattox to today.

Authentic confederate flags for sale

Authentic confederate flags for sale Charleston shooting, some of the nation’s largest retailers—including Walmart, Sears/Kmart, Amazon, Etsy and eBay—promised to stop selling merchandise that incorporates the Confederate battle flag or its stars and bars. Almost as quickly, those vows were reversed, and online sales of such items exploded. By Tuesday afternoon, a Confederate flag—including versions emblazoned on bikinis, shower curtains and ceramic coasters—ranked among the top-selling items in the Patio, Lawn & Garden department of one online store.

Other sellers were similarly gratified. Pete Van de Putte, president of Dixie Flags in San Antonio, said he had sold 25 Confederate flags by midafternoon Tuesday—three times as many as he typically sells in a week. One customer, a white woman who said she had lined her front yard with Confederate flags, told him he would be back to buy more, and another black man came in to tell the shop’s owner he was buying a flag “to burn.” All of these sales were made on the same day that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley announced that the state’s capitol grounds would be stripped of the Confederate flag.

Building partnerships with Entrepreneurs

building partnership with entrepreneurs

The right partnership can propel a creator’s business to success. But forming and managing a strategic alliance requires dedication, flexibility, and ongoing communication between partners. This is especially true in a relationship where the responsibilities are shared between two businesses.

While Mark Litwin can be a powerful growth strategy, they can also be a source of tension and conflict. Mismatched expectations, differences in goals and objectives, and miscommunication are common causes of failed partnerships. To help avoid these pitfalls, entrepreneurs should be proactive about finding the right partner. They should research and vet potential partners to ensure they fit their company’s culture, values, and vision. They should also take into account the experience level of their potential partner, as well as their reputation, work ethic, and customer reviews.

Entrepreneurial Collaboration: Maximizing Opportunities in Real Estate

Moreover, entrepreneurs should set clear and measurable indicators of success for their partnerships from the outset. This can be as simple as establishing a job description for each team member, just like they would do in their businesses. This will help them keep track of progress and make necessary adjustments when the needle isn’t moving fast enough.

Aside from setting clear goals and metrics, partners should communicate with each other frequently. They should also establish a schedule for meeting or talking on the phone to discuss key issues and address any concerns. If the communication isn’t working, it may be time to reevaluate the partnership or even end it if necessary.

Four Key Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

With July being Canada’s rainiest month, a wet basement can cause significant damage to the foundation and walls of your home. Waterproofing Hamilton contractors like Royal Work company Solutions Corps can provide you with superior waterproofing services that will protect your home for years to come. They have an extensive list of exterior and internal solutions for preventing leaks in your basement.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to make sure that it is safe and comfortable for your family, basement waterproofing is an excellent investment. This type of home maintenance will protect the structural integrity of your home and can also increase its resale value. There are four key benefits of waterproofing your home:

Crawl Space Waterproofing

If you’re dealing with a crawl space leak, encapsulation is the best way to solve it. This process involves laying a plastic vapor barrier on the dirt floor and part or all of the walls, as well as installing a drainage system to reduce hydrostatic pressure that can crack the foundation walls. This is a much less disruptive process than exterior techniques, and it can last for decades.

Moisture in your crawl space is not only bad for your home’s foundation and structure, but it’s a perfect breeding ground for pests. Cockroaches, mice, and termites love dark, damp areas, so if they’re not controlled, they could damage your crawl space and affect the air quality in your home. Crawl space waterproofing will prevent moisture problems in your home and deprive pests of their favorite habitat.

The Role of a Process Agent in an International Financing Transaction

As part of an international financing transaction, you may need to appoint a process agent for service of notices or proceedings. process agency are similar to a registered agent in the US, accepting legal proceedings on an overseas client’s behalf. This type of service is required from time to time when a business deals with suppliers, banks or lenders located in a different country.

Exploring the Duties and Responsibilities of a Processing Agent

In most cases, the role of a process agent in an international financing transaction is to receive service of process notifications for legal proceeding matters on behalf of the company. This is particularly important when a loan or financial agreement is governed by laws in another jurisdiction. A professional process agent understands the exact legal proceedings they are required to accept on your behalf, and can instil confidence in all parties involved in a financing transaction that there will not be a missed or mishandled procedure leading to litigation.

When choosing a process agent, make sure they can manage your business across the entire United States. Trucking businesses need to designate process agents for every state in which they are authorized to operate and in all states through which their trucks transport products. For this reason, it’s best to choose a blanket agent that has commercial offices in all 50 states and Washington DC.

For example, Process Agent LLC offers nationwide coverage at just $25 per year. They are certified by the FMCSA and have a track record of handling thousands of BOC-3 filings for transportation companies. This ensures that any broker, motor carrier or freight forwarder can trust their national service of process and receive notifications of legal proceedings no matter where they are.

How Does the Insolvency Practitioner Register Work?

Insolvency practitioners (IPs) carry out a vital public service by helping people and businesses deal with their debt problems. They are regulated and monitored to make sure they follow the law and do what they’re supposed to do. That includes registering every insolvency engagement they undertake at Companies House.

The register is freely available for anyone to search online – and it’s often the first place a landlord will look before letting a property or credit agencies check someone’s finances before making an application. It’s also used by businesses preparing to work with new suppliers, customers or partners – or before hiring a new member of staff.

Navigating the Insolvency Practitioner Register: A Guide

However, the information in the register is only accurate if it is updated promptly and accurately. Insolvency practitioners have a legal duty to report any changes in their status to the Registrar. The Registrar can suspend or cancel an IP’s licence or order them to pay a fine if they fail to do so.

The Registrar is responsible for providing the online insolvency practitioner register, and overseeing and monitoring the regulatory regime and accredited bodies. Its costs are recovered by charging a single application fee and annual license confirmation fees to insolvency practitioners through their accredited bodies.

As the largest Recognised Professional Body, ICAEW is fully supportive of the Joint Insolvency Examination Board and the dedicated professionals who serve on its board. ICAEW also supports the JIEB exams and provides help and guidance to candidates.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Trading Platform UK


The best crypto trading platform UK allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Also known as a crypto exchange, a cryptocurrency platform acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers by matching their bids and offers, then executing the transaction. Most crypto exchanges charge fees for their services. These fees can vary depending on the amount of money a user wants to deposit or withdraw. Some platforms also offer additional services, such as a crypto wallet that holds private keys for a user’s digital assets.

Aside from trading features, another important consideration is how many payment methods a crypto exchange supports. Most British crypto exchanges accept bank transfers and debit cards, making it easier for traders to fund their accounts. Some also offer mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, making it easier to trade on the go.

Crypto Trading Made Easy: Exploring the Top Platforms in the UK

When choosing a crypto trading platform, it’s important to consider customer service. A reliable provider should offer support during standard UK business hours and be easy to reach. Some platforms also provide a live chat feature, which is a convenient way to communicate with a representative in real-time.

When looking for the best cryptocurrency trading platform in the UK, it’s crucial to select one that is regulated by the FCA. This will ensure that the platform is following strict anti-money laundering and KYC standards. In addition, a regulated exchange is likely to have robust infrastructure and be subject to regular audits by the FCA.