Historic Foundation Repair ServiceHistoric Foundation Repair Service

Historic Foundation Repair ServiceHistoric Foundation Repair Service

Historical Foundation repair service

Historical Foundation repair service is a specialty that requires an experienced team of contractors to do well. A successful renovation should preserve the building’s original architecture while addressing any problems with the structural integrity of the foundation. This work can include repairing cracks and bowing, restoring weathered exterior walls, and replacing damaged and rotted support joists and beams.

Aside from the obvious issues of sunk or uneven areas, other signs that historic foundation repair is needed include stairstep cracking, water penetration through brick, and a deteriorating mortar base. A structural engineer should be consulted to determine the extent of the damage and the best way to repair it.

Unearthing the Past: A Deep Dive into Historical Foundation Repair Services

Most of the older homes and historical buildings are found in established neighborhoods that have long-term residents who care about the community. These properties offer character and beauty that cannot be duplicated with newer construction. However, they also often have more serious foundation problems than modern structures because of their age.

Oklahoma Foundation Solutions is a full-service foundation and house leveling company that provides customers with genuine evaluations and what is truly needed. Our team has over three decades of experience in foundation repairs and site stabilization, including the innovative Ram Jack steel pile system. From Oklahoma City to Ada and Norman, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality services to a wide range of clients. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and providing the best foundation repair services in Oklahoma.

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