How to Apply a Sceed Floor

How to Apply a Sceed Floor

A screed floor is a flat and smooth surface which other flooring materials like carpet, tile or floorboards can be laid on. When it’s applied correctly, it’s a key part of a project that helps to ensure the finished product is as high-quality and long-lasting as possible. However, it’s important to know that the type of screed you choose and how it’s applied will make a difference. This is why working with a professional and experienced concrete screed contractor will always be the best option. Learn more

There are two types of floor screed – bonded and unbonded. Bonded screed is a more permanent solution that’s attached directly to the concrete base, and is usually used in commercial or industrial applications. This is because it is strong enough to withstand heavy loading, and is also suitable for underfloor heating systems.

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In contrast, unbonded screed is a much more flexible option that can be installed on top of a damp-proof membrane. This makes it ideal for residential projects and commercial interiors. It’s also easier to apply because it doesn’t need to be fixed into place like bonded screed.

The most common type of floor screed is a traditional sand: cement mix. However, there are other options on the market including self-levelling liquid screed. This is mixed at a plant and then pumped into place using a specialized mixer truck, so it’s easier to lay than a traditional sand:cement screed. This is a popular choice with many contractors because it can be laid very quickly and is more user-friendly than other types of screed.

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