WiFi Systems For Apartment Complexes

WiFi Systems For Apartment Complexes

Apartment buildings are a vital part of our urban landscape, and improving the way we live in them is critical to our quality of life. One important feature is high-speed internet access. According to surveys, residents say it is the top amenity they look for when evaluating apartments. Offering managed WiFi can improve a resident’s experience, increase satisfaction and retention rates and attract new tenants to your community.

What is a captive portal Wi-Fi?

Many new apartment complexes bundle internet service into their rent, providing a single network for all tenants to connect to. However, there are drawbacks to this approach that can compromise security and performance.

The networks are often open networks, with residents required to sign in through a portal and use a standard password. This approach can also be expensive, with each resident paying their own provider for their own equipment. And, since the network is outside the property’s control, wifi systems for apartment complexes can be vulnerable to hacking and exploitation.

Another alternative is to provide a separate private network for each apartment. This is more expensive, but it provides each resident with secure and fast connections to their own devices. In addition, it provides each resident a platform for connecting their smart home devices, and it is an ideal way to increase revenue for the property through monthly WiFi subscriptions.

A managed WiFi system can also offer scalability, allowing for new access points to be added as the number of apartment residents grows. This can also allow for additional value-added features, such as guest access and parental controls.

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