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i want cheats

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I want cheats  to be an ancient practice in video games. In the early days, magazines and websites dedicated to cheat codes and walkthroughs helped players gain an advantage over their opponents. More recently, game developers have incorporated cheats into the code to help players get past certain challenges. But some gamers still find ways to cheat even with the advent of sophisticated game detection software.

College professors report that students are gaining answers to exams and quizzes on sites like Chegg. These companies aren’t required to remove the materials and they’re not able to identify individual users, so it can take professors days or weeks to request that material be taken down. That puts students at a disadvantage because they often receive the answers to the test in just 10 minutes.

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Creating and selling cheats isn’t just for college students. Cybersecurity consultant Alex Hamerstone of TrustedSec showed CNBC websites where cheats are bought and sold, including for professional players who compete in tournaments where money is on the line. He said that many people who create cheats and hacks begin by participating in gaming forums before progressing into criminal hacking forums where they post their work. The same skills needed to develop hacking tools can be applied to malware development, he said.

Another website called Cheatography is a comprehensive collection of cheat sheets for Web development and programming languages. It’s organized by language and features a search function that allows you to find a specific cheat sheet or look up other cheat sheets by topic. It’s also a good resource for finding tools to automate tasks that would otherwise take up too much time.

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