Veolia’s Vape Collection – Recycle Vapes and E-Cigarettes For a Greener Future

Veolia’s Vape Collection – Recycle Vapes and E-Cigarettes For a Greener Future

Vape Collection

The e-cigarette market is rapidly expanding into a multi-billion dollar industry with over 82 million vapers worldwide. However, as this industry grows so does the challenge of managing waste – single-use pens, disposable pods and batteries. With a lack of regulations and guidelines, many manufacturers and retailers don’t prioritise sustainability or view recycling as an important feature for their products.

But, by utilising Vape Collection expertise and technology, it is possible to recycle these devices, transforming them into a valuable resource for a greener future. To achieve this, a comprehensive collection programme is required. This includes educating consumers on the importance of recycling and providing a range of convenient and incentivising programmes such as in-store takeback, prepaid mailing labels and drop-off locations at local retailers.

Vape in Style: Discovering the Vape Collection

Vapes are made from complex materials including battery, coils, steel and plastic parts which must be manually dismantled, sorted and cleaned to be recycled. This process is difficult to manage as most standard recycling facilities do not have the necessary equipment or expertise to handle this type of waste.

Nevertheless, it is possible to extract valuable components like the lithium-ion batteries which can be used to power electric vehicles or rechargeable phones. By recycling just ten tonnes of these batteries, it would save over 72 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to using raw materials.

To recycle your vapes or e-cigarettes, bring them to a WEEE collection point or Civic Amenity Site (check here for a list of locations) or pop them in a household electrical recycling bin. Alternatively, most supermarkets also accept electrical products for recycling as part of their normal waste service and if you can remove the battery you can recycle it separately.

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