Selecting Leashes For Dogs

Selecting Leashes For Dogs

Whether your dog strolls casually around the neighborhood or gallops through a park, a good leash is your furry family member’s lifeline. A well-chosen and properly used leash can prevent your pup from running astray, engaging in snout to snout play with a strange hound or sprinting into traffic—all things that could put both the animal and human in peril.

A standard flat leash is typically made of nylon and available in a variety of lengths. DeWillems recommends a 6-10 foot version for walking dogs in most environments because it’s long enough to allow them room for exploration, but short enough to control the behavior of a rambunctious puppy. Resource

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When selecting a basic leash, consider the thickness and weight of the clasp as well as how it feels in your hands. “You don’t want the leash to be heavy, especially if you’re wearing it all day during walks,” she says. A good option is the Frisco solid nylon leash, which comes in several widths and lengths and is a durable and lightweight choice for pups from pint-size to XXL.

For a hands-free option, consider a retractable leash that clips to the collar and attaches to a waistband or belt for freedom of movement while still allowing you to maintain control of your pup. Palomine Lines’ biothane version of this leash is lightweight, odor-resistant and easy to clean, says Milwaukee-based dog behaviorist Mindy Waite.

If your dog pulls, select a leash with a swivel hook to help prevent the dance of your arms and legs that turns you into a human tetherball pole. Altadena, California-based certified dog trainer Nicole Ellis prefers the Jenico Swivel Leash, which has a locking hook that keeps you facing in one direction and resists pulling, and is strength-rated to 2,000 pounds.

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