How to Identify Bad Weed Seeds

How to Identify Bad Weed Seeds

Whether you’re an agricultural producer or simply an interested cannabis hobbyist, weed seeds possess certain physical characteristics that make them easier to identify. Observing seed morphological features like size, shape and color can help determine the quality of a seed for germinating and cultivating. This is particularly important as a weed seed can have a positive or negative impact on the future of the plant.

Insights into Weed Seeds: Types, Genetics, and Cultivation

For instance, seeds found in buds purchased from a local dispensary may have been produced by a seed bank that uses poor breeding practices. This results in a low germination rate and mediocre cannabinoid and terpene profiles. In contrast, reputable seed companies spend a lot of time, money and energy breeding high-quality seeds to produce top-notch plants that have a high germination rate and outstanding yields.

One simple way to differentiate between good and bad weed seeds is by using the water float test. Take a seed and put it on a plate of moistened kitchen paper towels. Then place another kitchen plate on top to seal in the moisture and keep it dark. Typically, a healthy seed will float while a dud will sink.

If a seed feels soft or crushes easily between your fingers when pinched, it’s probably bad. It’s also a red flag if it has a dull, matte appearance. In addition to color, look for a sheen on the shell-a sign that growers polished it with some wax. A healthy seed will also have a firm outer shell that can withstand a slight squeeze.

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